Social Media Moderation Insights

Austria rules that Facebook must remove Hate Speech

An Austrian court just ruled that Facebook must remove hate speech on their platform.  This stemmed from a case brought by the Green Party last year after viewing defamatory remarks against their leader on the site.  While Facebook appealed, the court ruled that Facebook is at fault, and most notably must remove the content GLOBALLY […]

Facebook Doubles Down on Content Moderators

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve heard the stories of murders and suicides posted on Facebook.  In order to keep that type of content away from the public, Facebook has just announced that they will hire an additional 3000 content moderators.  This is on top of approximately 4500 current moderators.   In a recent post, […]

Social Media Crisis? Take onwership of the issue.

Yup – another airline incident caught on film. This time it was American Airlines flight 591 #AA591. While the incident was deplorable, the good news is  that American Airlines got out in front of the backlash.  They took ownership of the incident and defused any impending actions by the public.  See their almost immediate response. […]

The first 24 hours in a social media crisis are critical – is United Airlines listening?

The first headline I saw in my newsfeed today was “Bloodied Passenger Dragged From United Flight At O’Hare Airport.”  Upon reading the story in numerous international publications, I checked various social media channels to learn more about the incident.  Not surprisingly #BoycottUnited and #Flight3411 are trending hashtags – and the story doesn’t get better for […]